Backpack men's computer leisure backpack

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  • Built-in compartment: all small items can be safely stored.
  • Outer front strap: convenient for daily use.
  • Side pocket: umbrella water bottle storage bag.
  • Anti-theft bag: the exclusive anti-theft space on the back is designed to protect your important items.

The whole fabric is made of pure cotton canvas. The material itself is different from the chemical properties of nylon and PVC, and has no bloody leather. It is very environmentally friendly. The fabric feels neither hard nor soft, durable and fashionable. 

  • Fabric: canvas
  • Size: 33*15*45cm
  • Computer size: 15 inches
  • weight:≈970g

The product size is measured by hand, there may be small error, please understand ~



Before washing, soak salt and white vinegar in cold water (water with obvious salty and sour taste is appropriate) for 30 minutes to fix the color.


Choose detergent/hand sanitizer/shampoo/shower gel, etc. (do not use detergent/detergent/soap)


Hand washing is controlled to be completed within 10 minutes (canvas and cowhide are easy to fade if the time is too long). Do not soak or machine wash.


After washing, dry the reverse side of the machine (do not dehydrate or dry the machine, and dry the metal parts with paper towel before drying).




Canvas fabric and cowhide will fade to varying degrees, and the color will fade after a long time. This is normal for all cotton canvas fabrics, not a quality problem!



Please note that the color of leather and canvas will fade seriously if not washed according to the instructions, which is not within the scope of after-sales service!


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